The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Durable Exterior Paints

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Durable Exterior Paints - Wonder Wall Duro

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that registers with visitors and passersby. You cannot avoid choosing durable exterior paints. With a plethora of options to choose from, making an informed decision might be challenging. You have to be able to navigate through the process of assessing the best exterior paint for your home. From appreciating the diverse paint types to factoring in climate, paint quality, and finish into your calculation, you can indeed have the knowledge to make a well-informed choice.

Durable exterior paints  

Going for the right exterior paint can be a challenge. There are so many types available that we are apt to get confused. We will break down the most common exterior paint types to aid you in making the most appropriate decision for your home.

Latex Paint 


Latex paint is the most well-known sort of exterior paint. It is easy to apply, dries in a jiffy, and soap and water clean it.


Latex paint is very durable. It can retain its best qualities in the face of harsh weather, including rain, snow, and the extremities of temperature.


The majority of latex paints are low-VOC (volatile organic compounds), making them an eco-friendly, safe choice.

A diversity of colors and finishes 

Latex paint is available in a diverse variety of colors and finishes, from flat to glossy.

 Acrylic Paint 

 A cousin to latex 

A good number of properties and benefits are shared between latex and acrylic paints. A bit more durable 

It is the opinion of some that acrylic paint is a bit more durable relative to latex paints. Heavier on your pocket 

Acrylic paint is a bit more pricey compared to latex.

Oil-based paint 

Durable and long-lasting 

Oil-based paint is extremely durable and has a long-lasting finish. It can resist harsh weather and is more immune to fading and peeling compared to water-based paints.

High gloss finish  

Oil-based paints generally have a high gloss finish, allowing for a more polished look.

Application difficult 

Nevertheless, oil-based paints are difficult to apply relative to water-based paints. They need more prep work and the cleanup is a riddle.

Strong odor 

Oil-based paints have a pungent odor that challenges our tolerance.


Oil-based paints have higher VOC levels compared to water-based paints, which is not good either for the environment or those doing the paint job.

Alkyd Paint 

Durable and quick-drying 

Alkyd paint is a water-based and oil-based paint hybrid. It has the durability of oil-based paint and the ease of application trait of water-based paint.

Dries quickly 

Alkyd paint dries in a jiffy so it is indeed a good choice for projects that are hard-pressed for time.

On the expensive side 

Nevertheless, alkyd paint is not affordable compared to oil and water-based paints.

Cement paint  


Cement paint is a unique type of paint made for use on masonry surfaces, like stucco, brick, and concrete.

Permits moisture 

Cement paint is breathable, permitting moisture to escape walls, thereby reducing the tendency to crack and peel.


Cement paint is highly durable and may resist harsh weather conditions.

 A paucity of color options 

When it comes to a range of colors, there’s not a lot of cement paint offers.

Buying durable exterior paints  

When you are buying exterior paint, there are some points you have to bear in mind to ascertain you choose the best product. You need to keep the following in mind.


An exterior paint’s durability decides the extent to which it will resist the elements, namely rain, strong winds, and harsh UV rays. Quality paints give you better coverage and are fade-resistant.

Color and gloss retention 

Make it a point to go for a paint with good color retention, given that some colors could fade with time, more so when exposed to harsh sunshine.

One coat coverage  

Quality paint gives better coverage, concealing the former wall color with the least number of coats. You save time and money. You do not have to end up laying an infinite number of coats to obtain the desired effect.

Low-temperature application and moisture resistance 

Several exterior paints are made to be applied when the air and surface temperatures are over 35 degrees, making sure there is the right amount of adhesion and quality of performance.

Sheen or finish  

The sheen of the paint has an impact on its appearance and maintenance. Go for a sheen that aligns with your preferences and the particular surface you are painting.


You could indeed feel the temptation to buy a more affordable paint. However, investing in a pricier exterior paint is prudent and saves you money in the long run. The latter is durable, and you do not need to reapply it as you would in the case of a cheaper paint.


Some exterior paints are designed with low-VOC ingredients, which boosts indoor air quality and reduces adverse eco-effects.

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How do you assess quality durable exterior paints? 

You do need to sink in some money and buy those durable exterior paints. Following are some of how you can assess the quality of such paints

Paint pigments  

Quality paints have a higher pigment concentration, making sure you have better coverage and color retention. Pigments make the paint’s color and opacity what they are. The denser the pigments, the more assurance you have of the paint’s look over periods.

Resin content 

Resins are vital paint components that decide adhesion and durability. Go for paints with higher resin content, given that resins will create a tougher, longer-lasting paint film.

Volume solids 

A higher volume solids percentage means more paint solids and less solvents. You have a thicker, more durable paint film. Higher volume solid paints are longer lasting and give better protection for the home’s exterior.

Paint brand  

Go for a paint brand that’s made a name for itself. You want a consistent, high-performance product, the result of rigorous testing and quality control.


Choosing durable exterior paints? Go for those that show durability, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), faster dry time, weather resistance, UV protection, mold, mildew, moisture resistance, warranties, and applicability to a diversity of surfaces. Choosing durable exterior paints shields your home from harm and boosts its curb appeal.