Granules Wall Texture

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Do you want to spruce up your interior and exterior spaces? Then, Wonderwall Duro’s granule wall texture is perfect. This texture wallpaper is easy to apply and is adhesive, making it not only ideal for hiding imperfections but also ensuring the wall or ceiling looks perfect. Our wide range of dry granules is mixed with water and a bonding agent to give any interior wallpaper or exterior wall a grand look. The range of granule wall textures available at our factory includes regular, metallic, interior, and exquisite sparkle. There are over 30 shades available for you to choose from, and you can even customize them as per your choice.

Advantages of Using Granules in Wall Texture

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a granule wall texture?

Ans. Granules wall texture, or textured finish, is a wall coating containing particles or granules that are suspended in a paint-like substance. After you apply it to ceilings and walls, it can create a textured surface, adding visual dimension and interest to your space.

Q. What benefits do you get from granulated wall texture?

Ans. Granule wall texture is beneficial because it can conceal imperfections on ceilings and walls like uneven surfaces, dents, and cracks. It adds tactile and depth appeal to any space to enhance its sensory and visual experience. Lastly, it adds durability and protection to the wall surface.

Q. How do I apply granules wall texture?

Ans. It is applied using a sprayer or roller. First, the contractor evenly distributes the texture mixture onto the surface and then adds texture effects like swirling or stippling.

Q. Is it possible to paint over granules wall texture?

Ans. Yes, you can paint granules on walls, but only after they dry completely. Use a brush or roll ideal for textured surfaces to ensure better and even coverage.

Q. Is granule wall texture suitable for any surface?

Ans. It is generally ideal for all ceiling and wall surfaces, including plaster, wood, drywall, and concrete. But before you add granule wall texture to any surface, prepare it properly to ensure it sticks and you get the best results too. Patch up any holes or cracks too.

Q. Does granules’ wall texture dry quickly?

Ans. Well, the drying of this wallpaper depends on multiple factors, like the material’s texture, application thickness, and environmental conditions. It can take hours, and you might even have to leave it overnight for the drying process to complete.

Q. Do I need a professional to install granulated wall textures?

Ans. You can do it yourself if you have the knowledge of the right techniques and tools. However, to achieve a professional-looking look, hiring a painter or contractor with expertise in textured finishes is best. It is specifically best to work with a professional when it comes to intricate designs or larger projects.