Graniplast Multi Color Wall Finish

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Graniplast multi-color wall finish is a trowel-applied decorative and acrylic-based coating with natural Italian marble chips. Thus, you get a stone-like finish ideal for all climatic conditions. You can apply Graniplast to all exterior or interior wall surfaces, including line cement mortars, cement renders, wall boards, and more.

It has the charm and beauty of natural marble stone, making it not only visually stunning but also durable.

Benefits of Graniplast Multi-Color Wall Finish

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Graniplast multi-finish wallpaper?

Ans. Graniplast multi-finish wallpaper is a flexible material for wallpaper covering, combining the durability of classic wallpaper while giving the appearance of a granular finish.

Q. Is Graniplast multi-finish wallpaper suitable for all surfaces?

Ans. Yes, it is suitable for all surfaces.

Q. Can you paint over Graniplast multi-finish?

Ans. Yes, you can paint over this type of wallpaper, ensuring you let it dry properly. When you paint over a wallpaper, it lets you customize it further. But the recommendation is to use paint best for wallpaper surfaces and test a small patch first to ensure they go together.

Q. Is it possible to install Graniplast multi-finish wallpaper myself?

Ans. It is, but you might not get the right finish if you do it yourself or without any knowledge or tools. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional to achieve a uniform look.

Q. How many shades does Wonderwall Duo have of granite multi-finish wallpaper?

Ans. We have a wide range of colors and variations available for our customers. Also, we can customize it according to your preferences or the theme of your interior.